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  2012.07.13  18.51
Looking For...

Bleeding Edge Storm O' Misery - i want every version of her - also willing to take custom versions of her as long as her hair isnt cut or any of her piercings are missing - also willing to take the Full Stock for Slayer Storm as i already have the doll


  2011.06.30  18.59
12'' Dolls for sale!!

Fiona Fatale 12''  starting at $24.99

Serpentina Maria Sangria 12'' starting at $9.99

Julia Doom 12'' starting at $12.99

Penelope Fabrique 12''
starting at $19.99

Annabelle Lee 12''
starting at $24.99

Leda Swanson 12''
starting at $19.99

& many MORE to be listed soon. including Anarchy Annie & Siphon Veins!!!!!

click ---->  shop.ebay.com/jessii.jinxx/m.html
to find them on my ebay and check back often for more 12'' goth dolls!!


  2010.05.03  13.55
Selling parts of my BeGoth collection

:::Edit: Wow! I've been swamped with offers and inquiries, so here is what I am doing.

  1. I will post this list, with prices, as below, on the BeGoths forum. (www.begoths.com/forum, free to sign up if you don't already have an account.)

  2. I am resetting all requests I have received so far. (I am sorry, but there is no way to try to judge fairly who came in first on what item, because of the number of replies I have had from multiple postings on multiple sites.)

  3. First PM from that forum with a firm commitment to buy gets the doll.

  4. If you want to make a counter offer, I will simply have to make a judgement call. If it's a fair offer, and you get it in before another PM, great. If it's a low (but still reasonable) offer, I will either make a counter offer, or hold it for 2 days, and if I don't get any other offers, its yours.

  5. The list will stay open until May 15. After that, remaiing dolls will go to eBay.

  6. Shipping is free on purchases over $75, including purchase of multiple dolls totalling over $70. Otherwise, shipping is $8.00, based on current shipping rates for similar items on eBay.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience to those who repsonded soonest, but really, I had no idea I'd get this kind of response. To be able to treat everyone fairly, I need to have all repsonses coming through one portal, and the BeGoths forum allows Private Messages, so I thought it was the best option. If you have any questions, please PM me on the BeGoth Forum.

Series 1
Lillian deWinter - $40
Lillian deWinter (black coat/red belt ch/excl.) - $60
Malice Looming - $40
Malice Looming (red bangs ch/excl.) - $50
Storm O'Misery - $60
Raven Dragonfire - $70
Sinstress - $40

Series 2
Absynthia - $40
Angelina Blasphemina - $40
Angelina Blasphemina (blue hair ch/excl. of 750 pcs.) - $60
Casual Storm - $50
Casual Storm (purple hair ch/excl. of 750 pcs.) - $70
Victoria Creeper - $40
Victoria (pink hair ch/excl. of 750 pcs.) - $50

Series 3
Scorpio Vixen (purple dress ch/excl. of 300 pcs.) - $325
Julia Doom - $60
Julia Doom (pink dress ch/excl. of 300 pcs.) - $120
Serpentina Maria Sangria - $40
Back-to-school Storm - $40
Back-to-school Storm (black hair ch/excl. of 300 pcs.) - $100

Other exclusives:
Lolita Sun (Limited edition/2000 pcs.) - $100
Anarchy Annie (UK only ch/excl.) - $120

Series 4
Fionna Fatale (purple ch/excl. of 500 pcs.) - $120
Devastatia - $80
Hypnotica Gaze (purple ch/excl. of 500 pcs.) - $120
Infinity A. Byss - $50

Series 5
Annabelle Lee - $60
Esperanza De Muerte - $40
Ivanna Scream - $40
Leda Swanson - $40
Leda Swanson (purple ch/excl.) - $70
Red Riding Storm - $40

Voodoo (Cat)
Bonez (Dog)
(These are not in a box, they originally shipped in a plastic bag. But they are clean and dustfree, and have been kept in a smoke/pet-free home)


  2008.10.18  19.25
Series 7 Begoths

just got hold of some of the be goths for my partner as a early birthday present. so got the 2 exclusives as i have been speaking to a load of shops in the week.

so she now has the oliva o lantern star images exclusive and atlas comic con exclusive

Mood: bouncy

  2008.10.16  09.30

I am currently Looking for some of the Past figures for my partner, as she sold a load of her BEgoths some time ago to make space. I kinda blame myself for her selling them and looking to see if any people have any they are looking to sell on. Shes after the 12 inch ones mostly but i think she would like the standards as well

Mood: determined

  2008.07.04  14.35

So ... what does everyone think of the newest BeGoths?


  2008.03.18  14.26
Rare dolls on eBay:

Selling three Begoths dolls, two of them very rare, HERE:

Fiona Fatale (S4)Exclusive
Victoria Creeper (S2) Exclusive
Annabelle Lee


  2007.12.16  23.24
Scorpio Vixen Exclusive for sale on eBay!

A scorpio Vixen Exclusive has been listed on e-bay. Auction closes Dec 21. Check her out at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160191403479



  2007.11.26  18.33
yay here are my dolls!

 i got these from www.thechildwithinus.com!


  2007.11.26  13.43
oh gawth joy!

 i got my dolls today!!!  i am going to post pics of my silly self with all my goodies later... just spreading the luff!

Mood: ecstatic

  2007.11.11  00.05
the latest about series six...

 I would just like to inform everyone that i got the word on my preorder.  there aren't going to be any 7" available, just the three 12".  supposedly they are going to be available quite soon!  i would suggest that you pre-order now, as i am unsure as to what their level of availability is...  i am so excited and i really hope to get my dolls soon!  better dust off the ol' china hutch!

Mood: chipper

  2007.10.05  20.31

Hi there,

I was wondering if I am able to sell on here? If so, I have a new nude IVANA, with box and card.



  2007.10.02  11.48
post doll pics here! do begoths look like bratz? handing out promo cards...

 Well, since we are all killing time until our dolls arrive, anyone have any new doll pics to post?  i am hoping to take the time this week to post some new "arty" shots of my newest dolls!  
Does anyone else hand out the postcards?  I have a few places where i know that i can leave a huge stack and they are usually gone after a month or so!  
i need to remember to leave them as a "tip" when i go out to restaurants!  i eat out alot, so i don't see that as being a problem.  
A couple of weeks ago, i was sharing a booth spot with my friend amber, who by the way has an AWESOME brick and mortar goth shop (www.myspace.com/_beyond_the_pale_ ), and i put a stack of begoth promo cards on her table, seeing as she had a way gothier table than i.  i was amazed at how many people snapped up the cards!  what made me laugh was that everyone was calling them goth bratz!  anyoen familiar with those bratz dolls?  yea, they kinda do... ;)


  2007.09.14  12.29
the latest word on Series six...

Well , I got a message from www.childwithinus.com that its going to be the end of this month or November.  Scream!  ok well thank you for the free t-shirt... i am going to wear that every day.

Mood: bitchy

  2007.08.08  14.34

my new shop! 


  2007.07.21  11.48
still waiting!

It's getting to be the end of July... no word yet on those damn dolls.  i am hoping that i have enough room in my china hutch for them!  i wonder when the heck they are going to put out the second set of the 6 series if these are taking so long...


  2007.07.12  14.49
Begoths update! Read Read Read!!!

preorder a full set of series 6 Begoths and get a 10% discount! when you preorder all 3 of the 12" series 6, you can get Begoth doll stands at only $1 each!

*the second issue of the Begoths comic is out! www.begoths.com/store/index.php

* do you have a Begoths tattoo? if so, submit it here! check out this one! www.begoths.com/onlocation...details.php

*Learn all about the movie American Pop this week in the Movie Parlor section on the Begoths site! www.begoths.com/gothic-med...-movies.php

* What are considered the best philosophy books of all time? Find out! www.begoths.com/gothic-med...l-books.php

*Learn all about the history of fishnet stockings here! www.begoths.com/gothic-fas...-chicks.php

*Want to learn how to create a mosaic? Click here to find out! www.begoths.com/halloween-...-themes.php

*New music reviews! Learn more about Gogol Bordello! www.begoths.com/music-gothic-icons.php

* How does one apply werewolf makeup? www.begoths.com/halloween-pictures.php

*Ever heard of the Philadelphia experiment? www.begoths.com/medieval-g...untings.php

*Check out the newest artist to be featured, Misty Benson! www.begoths.com/gothic-med...artists.php


  2007.06.24  10.13
oh jeez

now the dolls aren't going to be ready until the end of july.  i preordered these dollies months ago... grrr!


  2007.06.04  16.08

humph! i am frustrated.  i was told that series 6 would be ready to ship by june.  well,its june!  i found out that it might be a few more weeks...  i would just like to know a date!!!  ok done ranting.

Mood: annoyed

  2007.06.01  10.45

Just wanted to mention that I brought Fiona Fatale with me to work today.  : )

Mood: cheerful

  2006.10.27  16.38

Welcome Priestess Mona!  Glad you could join us!

Mood: bouncy

  2007.05.27  16.23
Begoths Update!

http://www.begoths.com/halloween-horror-contests.php go check out the people that did win the t-shirt contest!

Do any of you guys ever tote your dolls around outside of your home like I do?  I took a couple of Snapshots and e-mailed it to onlocation@begoths.com and they have a page where they post all the pics that fans e-mail them!  its here at  www.begoths.com/onlocation.php its fun!  What I find the funniest is when I do bring my dolls around with me.  People think I am nuts.

By the by, you can pre-order the Series 6 dolls if you haven't already at the Begoths website!

Here are two new pages on the BeGoth website that you might find interesting!

Also, they updated these pages already on the website...


 Well that's all I have on updates for the BeGtoh website for now!

I finally got my Fiona Fatale and Ophelia in the mail the other day.  I know that fiona is pretty much sold out, so I decided to save a few $$$ and find her on E-Bay, which I did yay!  I got the two of them for under $20.  They were both out of the box, but I take them out of the box anyhow.  I used to be the person that didn't take her toys out of the box, but what the hell, right?  I do honestly still have some in boxes, but I really wouldn't want to play with them anyway.  
Ok see ya!

Mood: tired

  2007.05.24  11.10

I just got my series 5 dolls - OMG they are all gorgeous!!!!! I can't decide on my favorite, they are all lovely, and the quality of every series just gets better.

And I just won a Julia Doom and a Serpentina... Yay! The collection grows!

I have a question though... I am confused about Lillian deWinter. I have seen three versions:
1. Black coat lined with red / red belt
2. Black coat lined with black / black belt
3. Black coat lined with black / red belt

So first, which one is the production version? I am under the impression it is the first one.

Then which one is the 'official' chase version (I know they didn't make out-and-out exclusives) and which one is the 'rare' variant? I have the first and third, and I can't seem to get a straight answer...

If anyone knows, I would love more info! Thanks!

(Also posted to BeGoths forums)


  2007.05.21  12.23
the t-shirt i entered for the BeGoths contest

begoths shirt front  begothsshirtback
Well, here is the shirt that I submited for the beGoths t-shirt contest!  Heck, even if I don't win, I still enjoyed making it!  Can anyone guess which BeGoths doll I used as inspiration?

Mood: hot

  2007.05.17  23.25
forgot to mention...

there is a contest being held at begoths.com!  make a t-shirt with a begoth theme and enter it by the 20th of May to win!  sheesh i can't believe i forgot that...  well, when mine is done, i will post it up here for you guys to see!  it will be funny, i tell you that...

Mood: thirsty

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