missmandylynne (missmandylynne) wrote in begoths,

Looking For...

Bleeding Edge Storm O' Misery - i want every version of her - also willing to take custom versions of her as long as her hair isnt cut or any of her piercings are missing - also willing to take the Full Stock for Slayer Storm as i already have the doll

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Hi, I have a mint Series 2 Casual Storm NIB (never removed-MINT) with red/black hair, and plain fishnets instead of the webbed. Rare. If your still looking for this doll and are interested, feel free to shoot me an offer.
oh wow - i wouldnt even have an idea on what to offer since shes so limited - and at the moment i cant afford her :( why does Christmas have to be so close
I have Voodoo the the cat and Bonez the dog, series 1 14" plus dolls. They have never been played with, only hidden in a closet since 2003...

If you are interested in buying, lets chat.