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Begoths Update!

http://www.begoths.com/halloween-horror-contests.php go check out the people that did win the t-shirt contest!

Do any of you guys ever tote your dolls around outside of your home like I do?  I took a couple of Snapshots and e-mailed it to onlocation@begoths.com and they have a page where they post all the pics that fans e-mail them!  its here at  www.begoths.com/onlocation.php its fun!  What I find the funniest is when I do bring my dolls around with me.  People think I am nuts.

By the by, you can pre-order the Series 6 dolls if you haven't already at the Begoths website!

Here are two new pages on the BeGoth website that you might find interesting!

Also, they updated these pages already on the website...


 Well that's all I have on updates for the BeGtoh website for now!

I finally got my Fiona Fatale and Ophelia in the mail the other day.  I know that fiona is pretty much sold out, so I decided to save a few $$$ and find her on E-Bay, which I did yay!  I got the two of them for under $20.  They were both out of the box, but I take them out of the box anyhow.  I used to be the person that didn't take her toys out of the box, but what the hell, right?  I do honestly still have some in boxes, but I really wouldn't want to play with them anyway.  
Ok see ya!

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