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Begoths update! Read Read Read!!!

preorder a full set of series 6 Begoths and get a 10% discount! when you preorder all 3 of the 12" series 6, you can get Begoth doll stands at only $1 each!

*the second issue of the Begoths comic is out! www.begoths.com/store/index.php

* do you have a Begoths tattoo? if so, submit it here! check out this one! www.begoths.com/onlocation...details.php

*Learn all about the movie American Pop this week in the Movie Parlor section on the Begoths site! www.begoths.com/gothic-med...-movies.php

* What are considered the best philosophy books of all time? Find out! www.begoths.com/gothic-med...l-books.php

*Learn all about the history of fishnet stockings here! www.begoths.com/gothic-fas...-chicks.php

*Want to learn how to create a mosaic? Click here to find out! www.begoths.com/halloween-...-themes.php

*New music reviews! Learn more about Gogol Bordello! www.begoths.com/music-gothic-icons.php

* How does one apply werewolf makeup? www.begoths.com/halloween-pictures.php

*Ever heard of the Philadelphia experiment? www.begoths.com/medieval-g...untings.php

*Check out the newest artist to be featured, Misty Benson! www.begoths.com/gothic-med...artists.php

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