darkangel07760 (ex_miss_adda231) wrote in begoths,

post doll pics here! do begoths look like bratz? handing out promo cards...

 Well, since we are all killing time until our dolls arrive, anyone have any new doll pics to post?  i am hoping to take the time this week to post some new "arty" shots of my newest dolls!  
Does anyone else hand out the postcards?  I have a few places where i know that i can leave a huge stack and they are usually gone after a month or so!  
i need to remember to leave them as a "tip" when i go out to restaurants!  i eat out alot, so i don't see that as being a problem.  
A couple of weeks ago, i was sharing a booth spot with my friend amber, who by the way has an AWESOME brick and mortar goth shop (www.myspace.com/_beyond_the_pale_ ), and i put a stack of begoth promo cards on her table, seeing as she had a way gothier table than i.  i was amazed at how many people snapped up the cards!  what made me laugh was that everyone was calling them goth bratz!  anyoen familiar with those bratz dolls?  yea, they kinda do... ;)
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